Computer Automation ALPHA LSI-2 IMD files from

The imd files in

i have extracted the IMD content label.

19001-31.IMD os basic
19001-40.IMD b50533 b50532
19001-20.IMD basic 2
19005-02.IMD lsi-2 rtx/iox/comx
19005-03.IMD library & relobj & abs bin files
19005-05.IMD b30032 b30130 b30113
19005-3A.IMD rtx/iox/comex/ seg modules
19005-5A.IMD b32440 b32441 b32533
19005-99.IMD rtx source 19005-99
19005-9A.IMD rtxsc2
19005-9B.IMD rtxsc3
19005-9C.IMD rtxsc4
19005-9D.IMD rtxsc5
19005-9E.IMD rtxsc6
19005-9F.IMD rtxsc7
19014-41.IMD pascal
20020-01.IMD lsi-2 standard software library
20800-00.IMD 70-20800-00d12
20800-01.IMD extended dos 10 system (doside)
20800-02.IMD dos 20/60 product diskette
20800-0A.IMD standard dos 10 system
20800-1A.IMD extended dos 10 sys (doside)
20800-2A.IMD dos 20/60 product diskette
53983-20.IMD async comm contrl f/w source
90008-20.IMD 6L1c2
93012-02.IMD dld 2 (lsi-2) mhdd
93012-03.IMD dld lsi-3/05 version
93012-04.IMD dld4 release diskette
93012-27.IMD dld source files naked mini 4
93012-2A.IMD 93012-02 a2
93012-XX.IMD b92632
93013-02.IMD tran 24 product diskette
93014-02.IMD pascal product diskette machine
93015-01.IMD debug source for lsi-4
93015-02.IMD debug source diskette #2
93015-03.IMD lsi-4 debug object diskette
93015-04.IMD lsi-4 debug binary diskette
93016-01.IMD nm-4 autoload types 2,3,&4
93016-XX.IMD nm4 autoload types 2,3,4,6
93017-02.IMD 93017-02a2
93020-20.IMD timsrc
93020-30.IMD used to run a timing program)
93023-01.IMD 93023-01a0 f02301
93025-01.IMD timer495
93026-02.IMD exerciser 1
93026-03.IMD exerciser 2
93026-04.IMD exerciser 3
93027-00.IMD config files for the g100
93027-01.IMD ds-410 a ds-430-a
93027-02.IMD ds-430-b ds-490a
93027-03.IMD ds-490-b
93027-04.IMD ds-410-a/ds-430-a
93027-05.IMD ds-430-b/ds-490-a
93027-06.IMD ds-490-b
93027-07.IMD ds-410-a/ds-430-a 50hz
93027-08.IMD ds-430-b/ds-490-a 50hz
93027-09.IMD ds-490-b 50hz
93028-00.IMD system jcl memadd asm
93029-01.IMD t.a. data base file
93035-XX.IMD timer:490 os4e700
93054-02.IMD qcd4s binary file
93054-2A.IMD qcd4s binary file
93055-02.IMD nm4, lsi-4/10s system diagnostic
93055-03.IMD naked mini-4, lsi-4/10S system diagnostic
93056-02.IMD dld4s product release diskette
93056-03.IMD dld45 source files
93057-02.IMD qcd2s binary volume
93058-02.IMD lsi-2, lsi-4/10s system diagnostic
93058-03.IMD lsi-2, lsi-4/10s system diagnostic
93059-02.IMD dld2s product release diskette
93059-03.IMD dld2s source/jcl diskette
93060-01.IMD lsi/4 romgen
93060-02.IMD romgen 4 product diskette
93060-2A.IMD romgen 4 bin
93063-01.IMD nm4 optional instruction emulator product diskette
93064-01.IMD mass binary dump/verify program
93064-02.IMD mass binary dump/verify program
93065-01.IMD multi-mos mem diag
93065-02.IMD multi-mos memory diagnostic
93066-04.IMD 4/10s source/maintenance diskette
93066-05.IMD 4/10s product diskette (lsi-2 host)
93067-04.IMD 4/10s maintenance & source
93067-4A.IMD 4/10s maintenance & source
93068-01.IMD pal assembler
93068-1A.IMD palsrc – pal assembler
93069-02.IMD 4/10s quality control diagnostic (qcd4s)
93069-03.IMD 4/10s quality control diagnostic (qcd4s)
93069-04.IMD 4/10s quality control diagnostic (qcd4s)
93070-02.IMD nm4 host, 4/10s interface diagnostic
93070-03.IMD nm4 host, 4/10s interface diagnostic
93070-3A.IMD nm4 host, 4/10s interface diagnostic
93071-02.IMD slave utility routine (slvutl)
93071-03.IMD slave utility routine (slvutl)
93072-02.IMD dld-2 utility program
93072-03.IMD nm4 o.f. diag/fmt assembly files
93072-04.IMD omega 4 plus disk
93072-4A.IMD omega 4 plus disk
93074-02.IMD (omega4 plus disk utility program)
93075-01.IMD lsi2 series full card ecc rm
93075-03.IMD lsi-2 series fullcard ecc ram test program
93075-04.IMD lsi-2 series full card ecc ram
93075-05.IMD lsi-2 series full card ecc ram
93075-06.IMD lsi-2 series fullcard ecc ram test program
93075-2A.IMD lsi-2 series full card ecc ram
93076-01.IMD synch. comm. controller test program
93076-02.IMD synch. comm. controller test program
93076-04.IMD lsi-2 synchronous communications
93077-01.IMD quad floppy diagnostic – multiple test program
93078-01.IMD nm4 full card ram test prog
93079-01.IMD nm4/scout synch. comm. controller
93079-02.IMD nm4/scout synch. comm. controller
93082-01.IMD qic02 streaming tape diagnostic
93082-02.IMD qic02 streaming tape diagnostic
93082-2A.IMD tcu diag/form prod disk
93083-01.IMD transport control unit diag/form
93083-02.IMD nm-4 transport control unit diagnostic/formatter
93103-03.IMD 93103-03 a1
93150-01.IMD oak simulator
93150-02.IMD oak simulator
93150-03.IMD oak simulator
93150-04.IMD oak simulator
93170-01.IMD pascal compiler
93170-06.IMD cartos pascal compiler
93170-1A.IMD pascal compiler release diskette
93170-XX.IMD cartos pascal compiler
93171-01.IMD f93171
93171-06.IMD cartos pascal library
93181-04.IMD maxi-bus opus-1 system
93181-05.IMD opus-1 development
93181-06.IMD trans-basic
93181-07.IMD utility libraries and
93181-08.IMD revision g000
93181-09.IMD revision g000
93181-4A.IMD revision g000
93181-5A.IMD revsion g000
93181-6A.IMD revision g000
93181-7A.IMD revision g000
93184-07.IMD opus for hcdc and dio
93184-08.IMD opus for hcdc and eio
93280-01.IMD cartos disktest exercisor maintenance diskette
93280-02.IMD cartos disk/file mgr. product diskette
93300-02.IMD rtx/iox product diskette
93300-XX.IMD contents:
93317-51.IMD 93317-51a0
93325-20.IMD lsi-2,3/05 a/d/a handler lsi-2,3/05 a/d/a dummy sub
93325-24.IMD lsi-4 a/d/a handler lsi-4 a/d/a dummy rtx sub
93390-01.IMD rje terminal emulator floppy diskette
93390-02.IMD rje terminal emulator floppy diskette
93410-01.IMD rtx4 libraries diskette
93410-1A.IMD rtx4 libraries diskette
93410-1B.IMD rtx4 library diskette
93420-04.IMD macros/demos product diskette
93420-4A.IMD macros/demos product diskette
93420-4B.IMD macros/demos diskette (g410)
93432-01.IMD diskette f43201
93433-01.IMD f43301 2/6/79
93438-01.IMD synchronous communications
93438-02.IMD synchronous communications handler
93438-03.IMD synchronous communications handler
93439-03.IMD diskette f43903
93442-01.IMD level a0 12/7/78
93442-1A.IMD level a0 12/7/78
93460-01.IMD os4 (G410) boot floppy
93460-02.IMD system generation diskette
93460-04.IMD os4(G410) linker diskette
93460-05.IMD os4/utilities #2 product diskette
93460-1A.IMD os4 utilities #1 product disk
93460-1B.IMD os4 utilities #1 product disk
93460-1D.IMD 12apr84
93460-2A.IMD os4 system generation disk
93460-2B.IMD os4 system generation disk
93460-4A.IMD os4 linker product disk
93460-4C.IMD os4 linker product diskette
93460-5A.IMD os4/utilities #2 product disk
93460-5B.IMD os4 (G410)
93460-5C.IMD os4 utilities #2
93467-03.IMD cnc cartos interface maintenance diskette
93470-01.IMD os4 multi-terminal editor system diskette
93470-1A.IMD multexe falcon release diskette
93471-01.IMD multeze falcon release disk
93471-02.IMD multeze falcon init disk
93500-03.IMD omega 4 plus
93500-05.IMD part no: 93500-05-d0
93500-3A.IMD omega 4 plus
93500-5A.IMD part no: 93500-05-d0
93530-02.IMD os4/rtx4 eII maintenance
93530-03.IMD cartos eII maintenance
93530-2A.IMD os4/rtx4 eII maintenance
93530-3A.IMD cartos eII maintenance
93540-02.IMD mn4 cobol product diskette
93555-01.IMD (dos format)
93555-02.IMD (dos format)
93555-03.IMD rtxe macro maintenance diskette (dos format)
93555-04.IMD rtxe common macro pieces diskette (dos format)
93555-05.IMD user’s macro pieces diskette (dos format)
93555-06.IMD system macro pieces diskette (dos format)
93555-07.IMD temporary macro pieces diskette (dos format)
93564-03.IMD cfm utilities product diskette (dos format)
93580-02.IMD os4/rtx fortran product disk
93580-07.IMD cartos fortran product disk
93600-02.IMD dos4 product diskette #1
93600-03.IMD dos4 product diskette 2
93622-03.IMD fortran iv product diskette
93623-03.IMD internal object diskette
93624-03.IMD maintence diskette
93655-01.IMD os4 rtx/sfm demos
93655-02.IMD os4 rtx/sfm demos
93656-02.IMD cartos patch utility
93659-01.IMD os4 dumpobj
93700-02.IMD 84-93700-02 a000 f70002
93702-01.IMD 84-93702-01a100
93702-02.IMD 84-93702a100
93705-01.IMD dll:auto source & binary
93706-01.IMD scout nm4 floppy disk
93706-02.IMD scout nm4 floppy disk
93706-XX.IMD scout floppy disk controller
93708-00.IMD (f70800)
93708-01.IMD (f70801)
93708-02.IMD rtx4-scout
93709-00.IMD palasm : release
93715-01.IMD scout hardware test program
93717-01.IMD 2/4 channel ht program modules
93717-02.IMD 2/4 channel ht program listing
93718-01.IMD scout nm4/ox
93719-01.IMD scout pic test program files
93720-01.IMD scout ufdc source files
93720-02.IMD scout ufdc binary files
93720-03.IMD scout ufdc listing file – part 1
93720-04.IMD scout ufdc listing file – part II
93720-05.IMD scout ufdc listing files part III
93720-1A.IMD ufdc ht program files 17aug81
93720-2A.IMD listing of the ht program 17aug81
93720-3A.IMD listings of hft:ufdc:2
93721-01.IMD scout battery backup
93723-01.IMD scout multi-channel serial i/o handler diskette
93727-01.IMD scout cpu test program
93727-02.IMD cpu test program listing
93727-2A.IMD cpu test program listing
93727-3A.IMD scout cpu test program
93727-4A.IMD scout cpu test program listing
93727-5A.IMD scout cpu test program listing
93727-6A.IMD scout macro file for cpu test
93732-XX.IMD 84-93732-xx a0
93733-01.IMD scout synchronous communications controller isolite
93734-XX.IMD scout winchester isolite & autoload files
93735-01.IMD nm4/08 cpu isolite test program
93735-1A.IMD nm4/08 cpu isolite test program
93735-1B.IMD nm4/08 cpu isolite test program
93736-01.IMD scout adds viewpoint crt
93736-02.IMD scout adds viewpoint
93737-01.IMD 6502 microprocessor firmware assembler
93737-02.IMD 6502 microprocessor firmware assembler
93737-03.IMD 6502 micro assembler misc. auxiliary programs
93738-01.IMD scout winchester interface test
93738-02.IMD scout winchester interface
93738-2A.IMD scout winchester interface
93742-01.IMD nm4 z80 co processor isolite
93742-1A.IMD nm4 z80 co processor isolite test files
93803-02.IMD pmt 4/0 binary
93803-03.IMD pat 410 mini diagnostic
93806-02.IMD pat410 basic instr set
93806-03.IMD pat410 optional instr. set
93806-04.IMD pat 430 basic instr. set 7/25/80
93806-05.IMD pat 430 optional instr. set
93806-07.IMD pat490 optional instr. set
93810-01.IMD lsi2 mini flex disk pico diagnostic
93810-02.IMD b81040 lsi-2 mini flex
93810-03.IMD s81021.asm nm4 source/object floppy
93810-04.IMD debugx bin nm4 mini flex
93811-01.IMD bisync pico diag. product diskette
93812-01.IMD async mux volume
93812-02.IMD os::.sys
93812-03.IMD asyncmux.lst
93814-01.IMD pat 495 source product diskette
93814-02.IMD pat 495 source product diskette
93814-03.IMD pat 495 source product diskette
93814-04.IMD pat 495 source product diskette
93814-05.IMD pat 4/95 binary product diskette
93814-06.IMD pat 495 debug version
93814-5A.IMD pat 4/95 binary product diskette
93814-6A.IMD f81406 c200
93815-01.IMD o81530 object (lsi-2)
93815-02.IMD lsi-2 binary floppy
93815-03.IMD s64016 obj object
93815-04.IMD nm4 64 bit i/o module (test)
93815-2A.IMD lsi-2 binary floppy
93815-4A.IMD lsi-4 product diskette
93816-01.IMD system level acceptance test
93816-02.IMD slat
93816-1A.IMD b100 release vol = f81601
93819-01.IMD search.asm search.lst
93819-41.IMD os::.sys
93860-20.IMD async comm contrl source diag
93860-40.IMD async comm contrl binary diag
93895-01.IMD pat 4/12 source diskette part 1 of 2
93895-02.IMD pat 4/12 product release diskette
93895-1A.IMD pat 4/12 source diskette part 2 of 2
93895-2A.IMD pat 4/x2 product release diskette
93895-2B.IMD pat 4/12 product release
93895-2C.IMD pat 4/12 product release diskette
93896-01.IMD 4/10t back to back pico test
93896-2A.IMD autoloadable production disk
93897-01.IMD nm4 adds viewpoint crt test
93897-02.IMD nm4 adds viewpoint crt test
93898-01.IMD m410t macro
93898-02.IMD qcd source part 1
93898-03.IMD qcd nuclues
93898-04.IMD qcd binary
93899-01.IMD nm4 okidata microline printer
93899-02.IMD nm4 okidata microline printer
93901-1A.IMD rev e dmu (53736 e0) diagnostic
93909-20.IMD 2/4/76
93914-20.IMD lsi-2, lsi-2/05 source 93914-20b0
93914-22.IMD lsi-4 version 93914-22b0
93914-23.IMD lsi-2 source 93914-23b1
93915-41.IMD 93915-41a0
93916-03.IMD nm4 binary diskette
93916-04.IMD contents:
93916-05.IMD mtic diagnostic
93916-4A.IMD contents:
93916-5A.IMD mtic diagnostic
93918-02.IMD 93918-02a1 b91842
93918-03.IMD ieee intelligent cable diagnostic
93918-20.IMD 93918-20a1
93918-22.IMD 93918-22a1 lsi-4 version
93918-4A.IMD ieee intelligent cable diag.
93918-4B.IMD ieee intelligent cable diag.
93919-01.IMD hcmc test program
93919-02.IMD hcmc test program
93919-03.IMD debugx.bin
93919-04.IMD hcmc test program
93919-3A.IMD hcmc test program
93920-02.IMD f92002
93920-03.IMD distributed i/o test program for lsi-4
93920-04.IMD dio sys. test – lsi-2 diary disk
93920-05.IMD dio systems diagnostic
93920-06.IMD nm4 datacase/5 diskette
93920-3A.IMD distributed i/o test program for lsi-4
93920-5A.IMD diosysp2.bin
93921-00.IMD diag2b 93921-30c2
93921-01.IMD 93921-01c3
93921-03.IMD didt source (nm4 version)
93921-04.IMD dma/iod diagnostic for lsi-4
93924-02.IMD f92402
93924-03.IMD mac4z
93924-04.IMD 93924-04a3 f92404
93924-05.IMD mac4ba
93924-06.IMD macr24 product diskette
93924-07.IMD mc410s product diskette
93925-02.IMD $’$”‘
93925-03.IMD a/d d/a diagnostic
93925-42.IMD 93925-42a0 addiag
93926-01.IMD lsi-2 bmos2 binary
93926-02.IMD lsi2 94-93926-02a 12-13-79
93926-03.IMD s92621 os mem diag lsi-3/05 93926-21a0 source
93926-04.IMD omega utility vol 2
93926-05.IMD 092632
93926-06.IMD omega utility volume
93926-20.IMD 93926-20a0
93926-22.IMD mos ram diag asm (f92604) 84-93926-22 a300
93926-30.IMD lsi-4 mos memory diag (copied from tape) 93926-32a0
93926-6A.IMD omega utility volume
93927-01.IMD writable control store diag lsi-2 /305
93927-03.IMD exercisor2
93928-01.IMD bus monitor diag lsi2
93928-02.IMD bus monitor diag nm4
93928-03.IMD bus monitor diag-dld2 format
93928-04.IMD bus monitor diag omega 4 plus
93929-02.IMD crtIId 84-93929-42-a000
93929-03.IMD nm4crt0.asm
93929-04.IMD os::.sys
93929-42.IMD crtIId (84-93929-42 a000)
93929-4A.IMD os::.sys
93958-02.IMD sap4 release media
93958-2A.IMD sap4 release media
93970-01.IMD bcpl
93970-03.IMD os/rtx4 bcpl product diskettes
93970-05.IMD cartos bcpl product disk
93970-3A.IMD os/rtx4 bcpl product
93980-01.IMD coral 66
93980-02.IMD coral 66
93980-03.IMD nm4 coral 66 release diskette
93980-04.IMD nm4 coral 66 relase diskette #2
93980-05.IMD cartos coral 66 product disk
93988-20.IMD expanded memory diagnostic
93988-2A.IMD expanded memory diagnostic
93988-40.IMD expanded memory diagnostic
93988-4A.IMD expanded memory diagnostic
93990-40.IMD wtc diagnostic/formatter
94120-00.IMD libraries I product disk
94120-01.IMD libraries II product disk
94121-00.IMD cartos macros I
94121-01.IMD cartos macros II
94121-02.IMD cartos macros III
94122-00.IMD cartos sysgen product disk
94123-00.IMD cartos system product disk
94124-00.IMD cartos utilites I
94124-01.IMD cartos utilities II
94124-02.IMD cartos utilities III
94124-0A.IMD cartos utilites I
94200-00.IMD carbug utility source
94240-01.IMD cartos synch comm handler
94400-01.IMD debug maintenance diskette
94500-20.IMD source tape copy
94901-40.IMD 763mah:
94903-01.IMD f94903 84-94903-01a1
94903-1A.IMD dmu diagnostic
94903-40.IMD dmu diagnostic
94904-01.IMD cla diagnostic
94906-01.IMD f94906
94907-00.IMD zap maxz-bus interface diagnostic
96009-20.IMD wtc diagnostic /formatter source
96020-20.IMD mass binary dump source
96076-XX.IMD alpha/lsi moving head disk diagnostic
96077-41.IMD alpha 16 / lsi mag tape diag
96080-21.IMD alpha 16 disk format controller
96082-XX.IMD moving head disk driver
96089-01.IMD f08901
96089-02.IMD on unit – f08902 lsi-2
96089-2A.IMD f08902
96090-02.IMD a16/lsi cmd
96091-01.IMD automatic calling unit multiplexer diag
96096-03.IMD lsi-4 floppy disk diag
96096-04.IMD omega utility disk – sem
96096-4A.IMD debugx.bin 00-96096-04c2
96097-30.IMD 96097-30 a2 obj
96102-02.IMD dld-2 qcd
96107-01.IMD floppy disk diagnostic binary floppy
96111-20.IMD 96111-20a2 proma2
96113-02.IMD memory management unit diagnostic
96113-2A.IMD memory management unit diagnostic
96115-01.IMD qcd macko product diskette
96115-02.IMD qcd product diskette
96116-01.IMD union carbide accept. test binary diskette
96116-02.IMD union carbide accept. test
96116-03.IMD union carbide acceptance test
96116-4A.IMD in-house test program diskette for ucat
96120-01.IMD winchester diag./formatter
96120-02.IMD winchester diag./formatter
96120-04.IMD lsi-2 winchester diag./format
96120-1A.IMD winchester diag./formatter
96261-01.IMD 1) s26120 – source file
96261-02.IMD 1) 026130 – rel. object
96410-04.IMD 00-96410-04d0 ca version
96410-05.IMD ca version
96410-06.IMD 00-96410-06d0 hazeltine version
96410-07.IMD hazeltine version
96410-4A.IMD 5-20-80
96411-01.IMD 00-96411-01d0
96413-01.IMD 00-96413-01d0
96413-02.IMD 00-96313-02d0
96414-01.IMD 00-96414-01c0
96500-03.IMD files: (lsi-2) (fsaved) (f50003)
96501-02.IMD files: (lsi-2) (f50102)
96502-02.IMD files: (fsave) (f50202)
96503-02.IMD os basic – lsi-2 binary
96505-02.IMD 1. 050520 mainline prog.
96507-01.IMD os: basic product diskette
96507-02.IMD f50702 os: basic
96509-01.IMD fortran 4 package
96509-02.IMD fortran iv package
96529-01.IMD development diskette
96529-1A.IMD os root
96529-1B.IMD development diskette (dld-2)
96529-1C.IMD development diskette dld-2
96530-01.IMD dos 2 utilites diskette
96530-1A.IMD dos 2 os utilities diskette
96530-30.IMD dos master diskette (dos:d4)
96540-01.IMD os:lbl
96545-01.IMD os:vew
96549-01.IMD os:lnk product diskette
96551-01.IMD os:ild
96557-01.IMD s55720 (lis object cross reference)
96557-02.IMD objxrf lsi object cross reference
96953-30.IMD tclist
96954-02.IMD lsi/2
96955-01.IMD 84-96955-01a4
96959-01.IMD contents: lsi-2
96959-02.IMD lsi2 romgen binary 96959-40a5
98580-07.IMD fortran instrumentation test
F61103.IMD s61120
F61104.IMD s61123
MYDOS10M.IMD 4-5-78
SYFADEFN.IMD os:cpy 3/4/76
19001-4A.IMD s50522