Autoload proms from board 73-53505

This is the 4 AutoLoad proms on the Computer automation Alpha LSI/2 minicomputer, from the board 73-53505, in bin format.

ic10 got another checksum first time i loaded it on the data I/O 22, no guarantee that they work. if you have the bin files with other checksum please contact me.

256 byte x 4 bits

This is the code combined to 16 bits.

72f0  dc71  ef7a  8fb3
79ff  d2ce  cc76  dfec
ac76  dc76  4fb0  aef0
aef0  e7f0  b6f0  85f0
65f0  14f0  fffb  ecf0
6af0  feef  7c76  5c76
8c70  002f  dbec  fc76
ec70  6bec  5cf1  acf4
d7bd  fffb  ace0  fffb
ff7f  8c70  bcf6  0bed
acf1  fffb  ef7f  ccf1
75ce  ad7c  0edd  dc71
baf0  df7f  8c70  8ace
6c76  8c70  6cf5  ece0
ef7a  f3ce  7fdd  5cfb
6c7b  ebf0  faef  cbec
4cf0  6c6a  abf0  dcfb
ec6a  fc74  f2ee  efdc
f74f  fc75  8ace  82ce
fc74  8ce0  dc76  acf4
dcf6  dc74  cc72  dc77
7c76  7cf4  5cf2  6af0
5c76  fcf4  bc76  8c70
88ed  7bff  6f2f  80ec
ec70  9c76  fecf  9c74
b9b0  6af0  c8f0  d8f0
baf0  4df0  78f0  78f0
a8f0  dc77  dc77  7c66
7c72  aaf0  dc77  ac76
6af0  ec70  7fe3  38f0
ec70  9fe3  38f0  dc77
7c66  7c72  9c72  98f0
aaf0  acf1  3bfb  5bfb
4b6b  b7f0  0bfb  6b6a
8ace  6b68  2b7b  e6f0
6b6b  57f0  ff36  7def
87f0  3b7b  7df0  0ef0
acf1  b7fb  5f93  c729
c769  b77b  c5f0  876b
66f0  876a  8ace  8768
ff36  7def  66f0  fe93
d72a  caec  0ef0  feef
55f0  df93  acf1  dc76
bf93  cc76  aace  bc76
38fb  386b  e4f0  787a
dc93  7829  786a  bace
efed  6df0  efbc  cdf0
fffb  ffb0  acf1  ff93
eb36  db36  8b36  9b31
8f93  fb36  cb36  fb93
ab36  ef93  bb36  fcff
fb4f  7729  776b  13f0
fa83  cb34  83fc  0093
6bb7  f3ce  8add  74f0
ac71  7fef  bc71  fcff
bcf2  e77f  d77f  bc75
efed  c77f  7def  bc72
42f0  efdd  b77f  efdc
a77f  ef7d  977f  00b3
7dce  aa93  ff1f  ff34
df79  bc76  ff34  ff0f
aaf3  60f0  bcf6  efed
877f  efd3  2b7c  efdd
777f  acf1  eff0  91a8

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