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93925-02.IMD $’$”‘ 93555-01.IMD (dos format) 93555-02.IMD (dos format) 93708-00.IMD (f70800) 93708-01.IMD (f70801) 93074-02.IMD (omega4 plus disk utility program) 96413-02.IMD 00-96313-02d0 96410-04.IMD 00-96410-04d0 ca version 96410-06.IMD 00-96410-06d0 hazeltine version 96411-01.IMD 00-96411-01d0 96413-01.IMD 00-96413-01d0 96414-01.IMD 00-96414-01c0 93926-05.IMD 092632 96261-02.IMD 1) 026130 – rel. object 96261-01.IMD 1) s26120 – source file 96505-02.IMD 1. 050520 mainline prog. 93460-1D.IMD 12apr84… Continue reading Sorted by content

Computer Automation ALPHA LSI-2 IMD files from

The imd files in i have extracted the IMD content label. 19001-31.IMD os basic 19001-40.IMD b50533 b50532 19001-20.IMD basic 2 19005-02.IMD lsi-2 rtx/iox/comx 19005-03.IMD library & relobj & abs bin files 19005-05.IMD b30032 b30130 b30113 19005-3A.IMD rtx/iox/comex/ seg modules 19005-5A.IMD b32440 b32441 b32533 19005-99.IMD rtx source 19005-99 19005-9A.IMD rtxsc2 19005-9B.IMD rtxsc3 19005-9C.IMD rtxsc4 19005-9D.IMD… Continue reading Computer Automation ALPHA LSI-2 IMD files from

VNX5400 create raid disks for ceph.

A script that creates RaidGroups with single disks for use in a ceph installation. uses the naviseccli command line interface. Make sure that the naviseccli works before running the script. it also changes the hotspare policy to not use any hotspares.

Heavy Metal (1981)

Hanover Fiste: He’s nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging’s too good for him. Burning’s too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!

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bash history

I prefer bash as shell. It is very good to have the time and date for a command in history, especially for root. and when you are logged in as root the prompt is red, and blue for normal users. put this in your .bash_profile and in root’s .bash_profile export HISTCONTROL=ignoredups export HISTFILE=$HOME/.bash_history export HISTFILESIZE=5000… Continue reading bash history

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